hustle up

  1. (tr) informal, mainly US and Canadian to prepare quickly

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How to use hustle up in a sentence

  • Then the dad, Chief Bigtree, goes to the mainland to hustle up some financing.

    Great Weekend Reads | The Daily Beast | February 12, 2011 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • You hustle up an' run a bridle through your p'int o' teeth or your boom for re-election 's over, you lily-fingered gambler!

  • hustle up thar now, Manuel, an' turn out; it's your watch; wake up, damn yer—maybe that'll bring yer ter life.

    Keith of the Border | Randall Parrish
  • What's the use of having a grandson if a fellow doesn't hustle up something for the boy to sharpen his teeth on when he grows up?

    Cappy Ricks Retires | Peter B. Kyne
  • He chased us, and I had to hustle up here, while Josh went for help.

  • The game starts in an hour and a half; I've got to hustle up there.

    The Mark of the Knife | Clayton H. Ernst