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  1. any herbaceous plant or shrub of the temperate genus Hypericum : family HypericaceaeSee rose of Sharon (def. 1), Saint John's wort
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Word Origin

C16: via Latin from Greek hupereikon, from hyper- + ereikē heath
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Historical Examples

  • Moquin has seen similar instances in the flowers of a Rose, Hypericum, and Poppy.

    Vegetable Teratology

    Maxwell T. Masters

  • Tutsan (Hypericum androsmum) was used to stop bleeding, because the juice of its ripe capsule is of a claret colour.

  • Hypericum, hī-per′i-kum, n. a large genus of plants, of which St John's wort is a typical species.

  • Polyadelphia: stamens united into three or more bundles; as in hypericum and cistus.

  • It feeds on the leaves and flowers of the perforated St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum).

    Butterflies and Moths

    William S. Furneaux