[ hahy-poth-uh-sahyz, hi- ]
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verb (used with object),hy·poth·e·sized, hy·poth·e·siz·ing.
  1. to assume tentatively or set forth as a plausible explanation or as a reasonable basis for further investigation in the light of established facts: Given these data, we can hypothesize that the rise in truck accidents is directly related to the stressful work environment and unsafe driving practices of drivers.

  2. to theorize, infer, or tentatively conclude: He said little, but based on his body language and tone, I hypothesized that he had feelings for her.

verb (used without object),hy·poth·e·sized, hy·poth·e·siz·ing.
  1. to form or set forth, based on established facts, a plausible explanation or reasonable basis for further investigation of something: She has written several well-researched papers hypothesizing about the origins of language.

  2. to theorize or draw tentative conclusions or inferences: I like to hypothesize about life in the next century.

Origin of hypothesize

First recorded in 1730–40; hypothes(is) + -ize
  • Rarely hypothecate; especially British, hy·poth·e·sise .

Other words from hypothesize

  • hy·poth·e·siz·er, noun

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How to use hypothesize in a sentence

  • To hypothesise alone is the error of the visionary and the dreamer.

    A Logic Of Facts | George Jacob Holyoake

British Dictionary definitions for hypothesize



/ (haɪˈpɒθɪˌsaɪz) /

  1. to form or assume as a hypothesis

Derived forms of hypothesize

  • hypothesizer or hypothesiser, noun

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Scientific definitions for hypothesize


[ hī-pŏthĭ-sīz′ ]

  1. To form a hypothesis.

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