[ im-uh-choor, -toor, -tyoor, -chur ]
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  1. not mature, ripe, developed, perfected, etc.

  2. emotionally undeveloped; juvenile; childish.

  1. Physical Geography. youthful (def. 5).

  2. Archaic. premature.

Origin of immature

First recorded in 1540–50, immature is from the Latin word immātūrus unripe, hence, untimely. See im-2, mature

Other words for immature

Other words from immature

  • im·ma·ture·ly, adverb
  • im·ma·ture·ness, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use immature in a sentence

  • A plan was forming itself immaturely in Lindleys mind, and he had given small heed to the boys description of his lady.

  • Would he now immaturely fall a victim to an enticing face and the cares of a household?

    Robert Orange | John Oliver Hobbes
  • This excellent artist died immaturely, greatly lamented, without leaving any pupil worthy of his name.

  • Immaturely and unconsciously sexual, she looked with more hope of satisfaction at male faces than at female.

    What Not | Rose Macaulay
  • He rose to be a young man of great promise, as to abilities; and died too immaturely for his fame.

    The English Spy | Bernard Blackmantle

British Dictionary definitions for immature


/ (ˌɪməˈtjʊə, -ˈtʃʊə) /

  1. not fully grown or developed

  2. deficient in maturity; lacking wisdom, insight, emotional stability, etc

  1. geography a less common term for youthful (def. 4)

Derived forms of immature

  • immaturity or immatureness, noun
  • immaturely, adverb

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