1. a combining form representing indigo in compound words: indophenol.

  • Also especially before a vowel, ind-.

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  1. a combining form representing India in compound words: Indo-European.

Origin of Indo-

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  • She hat haar as prown ash a pretzel,Her eyes vas himmel-plue, Und ven dey looket indo mine,Dey shplit mine heart in two.

  • The last great motive to despair is supplied by indo-German philosophy.

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  • These absolute contradictions on matters of fact add, of course, to the difficulty of understanding the early indo-Aryan religion.

  • indo-Europeanism must have had something to recommend it and make it highly attractive to enable it to spread so fast and far.

  • We would not expect that the indo-European movement would form an exception to this rule.

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/ (ˈɪndəʊ-) /

combining form
  1. denoting India or Indian: Indo-European

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