[ verb in-ter-cheynj; noun in-ter-cheynj ]
/ verb 藢瑟n t蓹r藞t蕛e瑟nd蕭; noun 藞瑟n t蓹r藢t蕛e瑟nd蕭 /
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verb (used with object), in路ter路changed, in路ter路chang路ing.
verb (used without object), in路ter路changed, in路ter路chang路ing.
to occur by turns or in succession; alternate.
to change places, as two persons or things, or as one with another.
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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.
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Origin of interchange

1325鈥75; inter- + change; replacing Middle English entrechaungen<Middle French entrechangier

OTHER WORDS FROM interchange

in路ter路chang路er, nounpre路in路ter路change, noun
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How to use interchange in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for interchange


verb (藢瑟nt蓹藞t蕛e瑟nd蕭)
to change places or cause to change places; alternate; exchange; switch
noun (藞瑟nt蓹藢t蕛e瑟nd蕭)
the act of interchanging; exchange or alternation
a motorway junction of interconnecting roads and bridges designed to prevent streams of traffic crossing one another

Derived forms of interchange

interchangeable, adjectiveinterchangeability or interchangeableness, nouninterchangeably, adverb
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