[ in-ter-sek-shuhn ]
/ ˌɪn tərˈsɛk ʃən /


a place where two or more roads meet, especially when at least one is a major highway; junction.
any place of intersection or the act or fact of intersecting.
  1. Also called meet, product. the set of elements that two or more sets have in common. Symbol: ∩
  2. the greatest lower bound of two elements in a lattice.

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Origin of intersection

First recorded in 1550–60, intersection is from the Latin word intersectiōn- (stem of intersectiō). See intersect, -ion

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British Dictionary definitions for intersection


/ (ˌɪntəˈsɛkʃən, ˈɪntəˌsɛk-) /


a point at which things intersect, esp a road junction
the act of intersecting or the state of being intersected
  1. a point or set of points common to two or more geometric configurations
  2. Also called: product the set of elements that are common to two sets
  3. the operation that yields that set from a pair of given sets. Symbol: ∩, as in AB
Derived Formsintersectional, adjective

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Word Origin and History for intersection



"act or fact of crossing," 1550s, from Middle French intersection (14c.) and directly from Latin intersectionem (nominative intersectio) "a cutting asunder, intersection," noun of action from past participle stem of intersecare "intersect, cut asunder," from inter- "between" (see inter-) + secare "to cut" (see section). Originally a term in geometry; meaning "crossroads" is from 1864.

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Science definitions for intersection


[ ĭn′tər-sĕkshən ]

The point or set of points where one line, surface, or solid crosses another.
The set that contains only those elements shared by two or more sets. The intersection of the sets {3,4,5,6} and {4,6,8,10} is the set {4,6}. The symbol for intersection is . Compare union.
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