[ in-too-ish-uh-niz-uhm, -tyoo- ]
/ ˌɪn tuˈɪʃ əˌnɪz əm, -tyu- /
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Ethics. the doctrine that moral values and duties can be discerned directly.
  1. the doctrine that in perception external objects are given immediately, without the intervention of a representative idea.
  2. the doctrine that knowledge rests upon axiomatic truths discerned directly.
Logic, Mathematics. the doctrine, propounded by L. E. J. Brouwer, that a mathematical object is considered to exist only if a method for constructing it can be given.
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Origin of intuitionism

First recorded in 1840–50; intuition + -ism

OTHER WORDS FROM intuitionism

in·tu·i·tion·ist, noun, adjective
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How to use intuitionism in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for intuitionism



/ (ˌɪntjʊˈɪʃəˌnɪzəm) /

(in ethics)
  1. the doctrine that there are moral truths discoverable by intuition
  2. the doctrine that there is no single principle by which to resolve conflicts between intuited moral rulesSee also deontological
philosophy the theory that general terms are used of a variety of objects in accordance with perceived similaritiesCompare nominalism, Platonism
logic the doctrine that logical axioms rest on prior intuitions concerning time, negation, and provability
  1. the theory that mathematics cannot intelligibly comprehend the properties of infinite sets, and that only what can be shown to be provable can be justifiably asserted
  2. the reconstruction of mathematics or logic in accordance with this viewCompare formalism, logicism, finitism
the doctrine that knowledge, esp of the external world, is acquired by intuition

Derived forms of intuitionism

intuitionist or intuitionalist, noun
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