[ in-ves-ti-cher, -choor ]
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  1. the act or process of investing.

  2. the formal bestowal, confirmation, or presentation of rank, office, or a possessory or prescriptive right, usually involving the giving of insignia or an official title.: See also lay investiture.

  1. the state of being invested, as with a garment, quality, or office.

  2. something that covers or adorns.

  3. Archaic. something that invests.

Origin of investiture

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English, from Medieval Latin investītūra, equivalent to investīt(us) (past participle of investīre “to install”; see invest) + -ūra-ure

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How to use investiture in a sentence

  • On it was written what Vulcan had told him about his mental attitude changing after investiture.

    Pagan Passions | Gordon Randall Garrett
  • It had all begun on the day of his Final investiture, and he had gone through every event in memory, over and over.

    Pagan Passions | Gordon Randall Garrett

British Dictionary definitions for investiture


/ (ɪnˈvɛstɪtʃə) /

  1. the act of presenting with a title or with the robes and insignia of an office or rank

  2. (in feudal society) the formal bestowal of the possessory right to a fief or other benefice

  1. a less common word for investment (def. 7)

Derived forms of investiture

  • investitive, adjective

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