[ in-volv ]
/ ÉŖnĖˆvɒlv /
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verb (used with object), inĀ·volved, inĀ·volvĀ·ing.
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Origin of involve

First recorded in 1350ā€“1400; Middle English involven, from Latin involvere ā€œto roll in or up,ā€ equivalent to in- in-2 + volvere ā€œto rollā€; see revolve

synonym study for involve

6, 7, 9. Involve, entangle, implicate imply getting a person connected or bound up with something from which it is difficult to extricate himself or herself. To involve is to bring more or less deeply into something, especially of a complicated, embarrassing, or troublesome nature: to involve someone in debt. To entangle (usually passive or reflexive) is to involve so deeply in a tangle as to confuse and make helpless: to entangle oneself in a mass of contradictory statements. To implicate is to connect a person with somethingdiscreditable or wrong: implicated in a plot.


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How to use involve in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for involve

/ (ÉŖnĖˆvɒlv) /

verb (tr)
to include or contain as a necessary partthe task involves hard work
to have an effect on; spread tothe investigation involved many innocent people
(often passive; usually foll by in or with) to concern or associate significantlymany people were involved in the crime
(often passive) to make complicated; tanglethe situation was further involved by her disappearance
rare, often poetic to wrap or surround
maths obsolete to raise to a specified power

Derived forms of involve

involvement, nouninvolver, noun

Word Origin for involve

C14: from Latin involvere to roll in, surround, from in- Ā² + volvere to roll
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see get involved with.

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