verb (used with object), jammed, jam·ming.

verb (used without object), jammed, jam·ming.


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Origin of jam

1700–10; apparently imitative; cf. champ1, dam1

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mountaineering a rock-climbing technique in which holds are got by wedging the hands and feet in suitable cracks



verb jams, jamming or jammed

(tr) to cram or wedge into or against somethingto jam paper into an incinerator
(tr) to crowd or packcars jammed the roads
to make or become stuck or lockedthe switch has jammed
(tr often foll by on) to activate suddenly (esp in the phrase jam on the brakes)
(tr) to block; congestto jam the drain with rubbish
(tr) to crush, bruise, or squeeze; smash
radio to prevent the clear reception of (radio communications or radar signals) by transmitting other signals on the same frequency
(intr) slang to play in a jam session


a crowd or congestion in a confined spacea traffic jam
the act of jamming or the state of being jammed
informal a difficult situation; predicamentto help a friend out of a jam
Derived Formsjammer, noun

Word Origin for jam

C18: probably of imitative origin; compare champ 1




a preserve containing fruit, which has been boiled with sugar until the mixture sets
slang something desirableyou want jam on it
jam today the principle of living for the moment

Word Origin for jam

C18: perhaps from jam 1 (the act of squeezing)

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Medicine definitions for jamming




To block, congest, or clog.
To crush or bruise.

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see under get in a bind.

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