[ juhs-tuh-fahy-uh-buh l, juhs-tuh-fahy- ]
/ ˈdʒʌs təˌfaɪ ə bəl, ˌdʒʌs təˈfaɪ- /


capable of being justified; that can be shown to be or can be defended as being just, right, or warranted; defensible: justifiable homicide.

Origin of justifiable

From Middle French, dating back to 1515–25; see origin at justify, -able

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Examples from the Web for justifiability

  • She saw by the lifting of his eyebrows that he was impressed, that he secretly admitted the justifiability of her summons to him.

    The Pretty Lady |Arnold E. Bennett
  • Among those who ventured to doubt the justifiability of the proposed marriage was Helene's mother, Princess Kuragina.

    War and Peace|Leo Tolstoy
  • On the justifiability of such a course I do not understand that my opinion is asked.'

    It Never Can Happen Again|William De Morgan
  • The justifiability of this point of view may scarcely be disputed.

British Dictionary definitions for justifiability

/ (ˈdʒʌstɪˌfaɪəbəl) /


capable of being justified; understandable

Derived forms of justifiable

justifiability or justifiableness, nounjustifiably, adverb
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