of, relating to, or created by a kaleidoscope.
changing form, pattern, color, etc., in a manner suggesting a kaleidoscope.
continually shifting from one set of relations to another; rapidly changing: the kaleidoscopic events of the past year.

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Also ka·lei·do·scop·i·cal.

Origin of kaleidoscopic

First recorded in 1840–50; kaleidoscope + -ic

SYNONYMS FOR kaleidoscopic
3. changeable, fluctuating, protean, variable.

Related formska·lei·do·scop·i·cal·ly, adverb

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Examples from the Web for kaleidoscopically

  • In a year you will be astounded to find them self-arranging, kaleidoscopically, into something symmetrical,—and trying to live.

  • He had disturbed her poise; he had thrown her accepted views of life into an entirely different angle, kaleidoscopically.

    Parrot & Co.|Harold MacGrath

Word Origin and History for kaleidoscopically



1820, from kaleidoscope + -ic. Figurative use by 1855.

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