[ kahr-uh-kawr-uhm, -kohr-, kar- ]

  1. a ruined city in central Mongolian People's Republic: capital of the Mongol Empire in the 13th century.

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How to use Karakorum in a sentence

  • But he only remained an hour, for he wanted to reach warmer regions, and was glad to have the Karakorum pass behind him.

  • Here lay a poor man, both of whose feet had been frost-bitten on the Karakorum, so that the flesh and toes actually fell off.

  • Now we leave the Karakorum route and ride eastwards,” I said; “follow my track; I will ride in front.

  • Our valley opened into another, which came down from high mountains in the south, part of the Karakorum range.

  • Traders with loaded yaks or ponies push across the Karakorum Mountains by passes where a migrating horde would starve and freeze.

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British Dictionary definitions for Karakorum


/ (ˌkærəˈkɔːrəm) /

  1. a ruined city in Mongolia: founded in 1220 by Ghenghis Khan; destroyed by Kublai Khan when his brother rebelled against him, after Kublai Khan had moved his capital to Peking (now Beijing)

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