or kash·rut

[ Sephardic Hebrew kahsh-root; Ashkenazic Hebrew kahsh-roo t, -ruh s; English kahsh-ruh th ]
/ Sephardic Hebrew kɑʃˈrut; Ashkenazic Hebrew ˈkɑʃ rʊt, -rəs; English ˈkɑʃ rəθ /


the body of dietary laws prescribed for Jews: an observer of kashruth.
fitness for use with respect to Jewish law: the kashruth of a religious object.

Origin of kashruth

1905–10; < Hebrew: literally, fitness
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British Dictionary definitions for kashrut



/ Hebrew (kaʃˈruːt) /


the condition of being fit for ritual use in general
the system of dietary laws which require ritual slaughter, the removal of excess blood from meat, and the complete separation of milk and meat, and prohibit such foods as pork and shellfish

Word Origin for kashruth

literally: appropriateness, fitness
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