/ (ˈnɒblɪ) /

adjective-blier or -bliest
  1. having or covered with small knobs; bumpy

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How to use knobbly in a sentence

  • Stretching one hand out, she softly touched the knobbly nose and laughed aloud, hunching her shoulders in glee.

  • Dickie asked, pointing to the odd knobbly bundles of all sorts and shapes tied on to the perambulator's front.

    Harding's luck | E. [Edith] Nesbit
  • Our way now lay up the couloir; the snow was steep, but knobbly, and hence but few steps were required to give the boots a hold.

  • I would cultivate the correct pose of the hat and wear boots with knobbly toes.

  • It was a narrow lane leading to Southwark High Street, paved with knobbly stones and walled in with tall houses.

    The Dover Road | Charles G. Harper