Informal. knuckle.
knucks, Slang. a pair of brass knuckles.

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Origin of knuck

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Examples from the Web for knucks

  • However, he was willing to lend his revolver to the Marshal and a pair of brass "knucks" to Harry Squires.

    Anderson Crow, Detective|George Barr McCutcheon
  • He didn't have no knucks, boys—that hard-hoofed granger just naturally tore into the Dutchman with his bare hands.

    Trail's End|George W. Ogden
  • They carried slings and knucks and used to go around with grown men, sometimes Joe Pink.

    Mitch Miller|Edgar Lee Masters
  • And as for the pummeling I got afterward with the knucks—that was my own lookout—the railroad company is not to blame for that.

    The Promise|James B. Hendryx