[ kawr-uh-nah ]
/ ˈkɔr əˌnɑ /

noun, plural ko·ru·ny [kawr-uh-nee] /ˈkɔr ə ni/, ko·run [kawr-oon] /ˈkɔr un/, ko·ru·nas.

an aluminum bronze coin and monetary unit of the Czech Republic, equal to 100 halers. Abbreviation: Kčs.
a monetary unit of Slovakia until the euro was adopted, equal to 100 halier.


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Also korona.

Origin of koruna

1925–30; < Czech < Latin corōna a crown, wreath; see corona
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British Dictionary definitions for korun

/ (kɒˈruːnə) /


the standard monetary unit of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, divided into 100 hellers
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