l'istesso tempo

[ lee-stes-oh tem-poh; Italian lee-stes-saw tem-paw ]
/ liˈstɛs oʊ ˈtɛm poʊ; Italian liˈstɛs sɔ ˈtɛm pɔ /


(of a musical passage or section following a change in time signature) at the same tempo as before.

Origin of l'istesso tempo

From Italian

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istesso tempo, l'

[ li-stes-oh tem-poh; Italian lee-stes-saw tem-paw ]
/ lɪˈstɛs oʊ ˈtɛm poʊ; Italian liˈstɛs sɔ ˈtɛm pɔ /

noun Music.

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