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noun, plural la·mel·lae [luh-mel-ee] /ləˈmɛl i/, la·mel·las.
  1. a thin plate, scale, membrane, or layer, as of bone, tissue, or cell walls.
  2. Botany.
    1. an erect scale or blade inserted at the junction of the claw and limb in some corollas and forming a part of their corona or crown.
    2. (in mosses) a thin sheet of cells standing up along the midrib of a leaf.
  3. Mycology. gill1(def 2).
  4. Building Trades. a member of wood, metal, or reinforced concrete, joined in a crisscross pattern with other lamellae to form a vault.
  5. Ophthalmology. a small disk of gelatin and glycerin mixed with a medicinal substance, used as a medicament for the eyes.

Origin of lamella

1670–80; < Latin lāmella, diminutive of lāmina lame2 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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noun plural -lae (-liː) or -las
  1. a thin layer, plate, or membrane, esp any of the calcified layers of which bone is formed
  2. botany
    1. any of the spore-bearing gills of a mushroom
    2. any of the membranes in a chloroplast
    3. Also called: middle lamellaa layer of pectin cementing together adjacent cells
  3. one of a number of timber, metal, or concrete members connected along a pattern of intersecting diagonal lines to form a framed vaulted roof structure
  4. any thin sheet of material or thin layer in a fluid
Derived Formslamellar, lamellate (ˈlæmɪˌleɪt, -lɪt, ləˈmɛleɪt, -lɪt) or lamellose (ləˈmɛləʊs, ˈlæmɪˌləʊs), adjectivelamellarly or lamellately, adverblamellated, adjectivelamellation, nounlamellosity (ˌlæməˈlɒsɪtɪ), noun

Word Origin for lamella

C17: New Latin, from Latin, diminutive of lāmina thin plate
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lamellae in Medicine


n. pl. la•mel•las
  1. A thin scale, plate, or layer of bone or tissue, as around the minute vascular canals in bone.
  2. A medicated gelatin disk, used instead of a solution for application to the conjunctiva.disk
Related formsla•mellar adj.
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