1. (modifier) done in desperation at the last minute: a last-gasp attempt to save the talks

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How to use last-gasp in a sentence

  • Doesn't it seem strange, that when I am at the last gasp with agony, I should find myself thinking of lines of poetry?

    Love's Pilgrimage | Upton Sinclair
  • The traitorous repulse that we have suffered indicates the last gasp, the final convulsions of the dying.

    The Reign of Greed | Jose Rizal
  • With despair set upon their faces, the Yale men went to the bat, ready to fight to the last gasp.

    Frank Merriwell's Races | Burt L. Standish
  • To the last gasp he would maintain his hold on life, and give fortune a chance to save him.

    The Backwoodsmen | Charles G. D. Roberts
  • When a man appeals against his love to the woman who loves him, his resolutions are at their last gasp for existence.

    Greifenstein | F. Marion Crawford

Other Idioms and Phrases with last-gasp


The moment before death; also, the end. For example, “Fight till the last gasp” (Shakespeare, 1 Henry VI, 1:2), or He was determined to stay at the party until the last gasp. This idiom alludes to taking one's last breath, literally (first example) or figuratively (second example). [Late 1500s]

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