1. inertly heavy like lead; hard to lift or move: a leaden weight; leaden feet.
  2. dull, spiritless, or gloomy, as in mood or thought: leaden prose; a leaden atmosphere.
  3. of a dull gray color: leaden skies.
  4. oppressive; heavy: a leaden silence.
  5. sluggish; listless: They moved at a leaden pace.
  6. of poor quality or little value.
  7. made or consisting of lead.
verb (used with object)
  1. to make leaden, sluggish, dull, etc.: Fatigue had leadened his brain and step.

Origin of leaden

before 1000; Middle English leden, Old English lēaden. See lead2, -en2
Related formslead·en·ly, adverblead·en·ness, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for leadened


  1. heavy and inert
  2. laboured or sluggishleaden steps
  3. gloomy, spiritless, or lifeless
  4. made partly or wholly of lead
  5. of a dull greyish coloura leaden sky
Derived Formsleadenly, adverbleadenness, noun
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Word Origin and History for leadened



"made of lead," Old English leaden, from lead (n.1) + -en (2). The figurative sense of "heavy, oppressive, dull" is attested by 1570s. Related: Leadenly; leadenness.

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