leading note

/ (ˈliːdɪŋ) /

  1. another word for subtonic

  2. (esp in cadences) a note, usually the subtonic of a scale, that tends most naturally to resolve to the note lying one semitone above it

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How to use leading note in a sentence

  • It may therefore be identified with the Minor, except that it does not admit the leading note.

    The Modes of Ancient Greek Music | David Binning Monro
  • Children often forget that the leading note in a minor key invariably carries an accidental.

    Music As A Language | Ethel Home
  • The seventh note of the scale, or what we in England call the leading note, is known in French as "la note sensible."

    Masters of French Music | Arthur Hervey
  • Our scales are all determined by the semitone between the seventh and eighth notes, called the leading note.

    How Music Developed | W. J. Henderson
  • Thus it holds the place of 'leading-note' (note sensible) to the keynote, c.

    The Modes of Ancient Greek Music | David Binning Monro