[ ley-buhns-roum, -buhnz- ]

noun(often lowercase)
  1. additional territory considered by a nation, especially Nazi Germany, to be necessary for national survival or for the expansion of trade.

  2. any additional space needed in order to act, function, etc.

Origin of Lebensraum

1900–05; <German: living space

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How to use Lebensraum in a sentence

  • Eatzel, Der Lebensraum, eine bio-geographische Studie, p. 51.

    Influences of Geographic Environment | Ellen Churchill Semple
  • The Germans felt the pressure of other nations around them so they needs must make more Lebensraum—room in which to be free.

    Nine O'Clock Talks | Frederic B. Kellogg
  • Lebensraum and Volkdeutsch were twin pillars of Nazi ideology.

    After the Rain | Sam Vaknin
  • Hitler suggests a future foreign policy for Germany which would assure Lebensraum and domination of the European continent.

British Dictionary definitions for Lebensraum


/ (ˈleɪbənzˌraʊm) /

  1. territory claimed by a nation or state on the grounds that it is necessary for survival or growth

Origin of Lebensraum

German, literally: living space

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