[ ley-buh ns-roum, -buh nz- ]
/ ˈleɪ bənsˌraʊm, -bənz- /

noun (often lowercase)

additional territory considered by a nation, especially Nazi Germany, to be necessary for national survival or for the expansion of trade.
any additional space needed in order to act, function, etc.

Origin of Lebensraum

1900–05; < German: living space

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/ (ˈleɪbənzˌraʊm) /


territory claimed by a nation or state on the grounds that it is necessary for survival or growth

Word Origin for Lebensraum

German, literally: living space

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Word Origin and History for lebensraum



"territory needed for a nation's or people's natural development," 1905, from German genitive of leben "life" (see life) + raum "space" (see room (n.)).

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