lesser weever


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[ wee-ver ]
/ ˈwi vər /


either of two small, European, marine fishes of the genus Trachinus, T. draco (greater weever) or T. vipera (lesser weever), having highly poisonous dorsal spines.
any fish of the same family, Trachinidae.

Origin of weever

1615–25; perhaps continuing Middle English *wever, Old English wifer arrow (cognate with Old Norse vifr sword); modern meaning by association with obsolete wiver viper; see wyvern
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British Dictionary definitions for lesser weever

/ (ˈwiːvə) /


any small marine percoid fish of the family Trachinidae, such as Trachinus vipera of European waters, having venomous spines around the gills and the dorsal fin

Word Origin for weever

C17: from Old Northern French wivre viper, ultimately from Latin vīpera viper
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