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[verb lev-i-geyt; adjective lev-i-git, -geyt]
verb (used with object), lev·i·gat·ed, lev·i·gat·ing.
  1. to rub, grind, or reduce to a fine powder, as in a mortar, with or without the addition of a liquid.
  2. Chemistry. to make a homogeneous mixture of, as gels.
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  1. Botany. having a smooth, glossy surface; glabrous.
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Origin of levigate

1605–15; < Latin lēvigātus, past participle of lēvigāre to smooth, pulverize, equivalent to lēv(is) smooth + -igāre v. suffix see fumigate, -ate1
Related formslev·i·ga·tion, nounlev·i·ga·tor, nounun·lev·i·gat·ed, adjective
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Examples from the Web for levigation

Historical Examples of levigation

  • Fineness of texture is produced by extreme grinding and levigation.

    Field's Chromatography

    George Field

  • There is no reason for believing that the finer processes of powdering and levigation were known.

  • Levigation is resorted to in the preparation of paints on the small scale, and in the elutriation of powders.

  • The levigation of kaolin and making of porcelain have already been touched upon incidentally.

    The Ceramic Art

    Jennie J. Young

British Dictionary definitions for levigation


verb chem
  1. (tr) to grind into a fine powder or a smooth paste
  2. to form or cause to form a homogeneous mixture, as in the production of gels
  3. (tr) to suspend (fine particles) by grinding in a liquid, esp as a method of separating fine from coarse particles
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  1. botany having a smooth polished surface; glabrous
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Derived Formslevigation, nounlevigator, noun

Word Origin for levigate

C17: from Latin lēvigāre, from lēvis smooth
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