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[lok-yuh-luh s]
noun, plural loc·u·li [lok-yuh-lahy, -lee] /ˈlɒk yəˌlaɪ, -ˌli/.
  1. Biology. locule.
  2. Ecclesiastical. a compartment in an altar, in which relics are kept.
  3. a recess in an ancient catacomb or tomb, where a body or cinerary urn was placed.
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Origin of loculus

1855–60; < New Latin, special use of Latin loculus, diminutive of locus place; see locus, -ule
Related formsin·ter·loc·u·lus, noun, plural in·ter·loc·u·li.
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Examples from the Web for loculi

Historical Examples

  • Sometimes the loculi were excavated with mathematical precision.

    The Catacombs of Rome

    William Henry Withrow

  • The loculi are of all sizes, from that of the infant of an hour to that of an adult man.

    The Catacombs of Rome

    William Henry Withrow

  • It had no loculi, but recesses in the wall to receive sarcophagi.

  • Near this a whole region of galleries has been brought to light with loculi intact.

  • A short distance from the entrance, I came to a vestibule surrounded with loculi or rock-hewn graves.

    Roman Mosaics

    Hugh Macmillan