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adjective,lord·li·er, lord·li·est.
  1. suitable for a lord, as trappings or ceremonies; grand or magnificent.

  2. insolently imperious; haughty; arrogant; overbearing: lordly contempt.

  1. of or relating to a lord.

  2. having the character or attributes of a lord.

  3. befitting a lord, as actions: lordly manners.

  1. Also lord·li·ly. in the manner of a lord.

Origin of lordly

before 1000; Middle English; Old English hlāfordlīc.See lord, -ly

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  • lord·li·ness, noun

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How to use lordly in a sentence

  • Near here and separated from this palace only by a courtyard stood yet another, a lordlier one, that of Blachern.

    The Walls of Constantinople | Bernard Granville Baker
  • She would take her place at table when the lordlier sex had risen from it, satisfied, since she was only a woman.

    The Tempering | Charles Neville Buck
  • It at least belongs to the domain of a lordlier, more majestic, more guiding and ordaining art.

    Ariadne Florentina | John Ruskin
  • The ruins rose from the dust and took once more a stately shape, even lordlier than before.

  • This lordlier preparation belonged to the king, his household and nobles.

    The Fair God | Lew Wallace

British Dictionary definitions for lordly


/ (ˈlɔːdlɪ) /

adjective-lier or -liest
  1. haughty; arrogant; proud

  2. of or befitting a lord

  1. archaic in the manner of a lord

Derived forms of lordly

  • lordliness, noun

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