[ loup, lohp, loop ]
/ laʊp, loʊp, lup /

verb (used without object)

to leap; jump; spring.

verb (used with object)

to leap or jump at, over, or into (something).

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Origin of loup

1325–75; Middle English loupe < Old Norse hlaupa, cognate with Old English hlēapan to leap

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Examples from the Web for louped

  • We had not well got out of the town, when Tammie Dobbie louped up on the fore-tram.

    The Life of Mansie Wauch|David Macbeth Moir
  • One evening, as she louped along her accustomed trail towards the turnip-field, she discovered a suitor following in her wake.

    Creatures of the Night|Alfred W. Rees
  • An' syne, when I drapped oot o' the window he louped at me so bonny, an' I couldna keep up wi' 'im to the gate.

    Greyfriars Bobby|Eleanor Atkinson

British Dictionary definitions for louped


/ (luː) /


another name for loo mask

Word Origin for loup

C19: from French, from Latin lupus wolf




/ (laʊp) /

verb, noun

a Scot word for leap
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