1. noting, pertaining to, or according to loxodromes or rhumb lines.
  2. noting or pertaining to a map projection, as Mercator's projection, in which rhumb lines appear as straight lines.
Also lox·o·drom·i·cal.

Origin of loxodromic

1695–1705; < Greek loxó(s) slanting, crosswise + dromikós of a course; see -drome, -ic
Related formslox·o·drom·i·cal·ly, adverbnon·lox·o·drom·ic, adjectivenon·lox·o·drom·i·cal, adjective
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  1. of or relating to rhumb lines or to map projections on which rhumb lines appear straight, as on a Mercator projection
Derived Formsloxodromically, adverb

Word Origin for loxodromic

C17: from Greek loxos oblique + dromikos relating to a course
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