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[luhm-puh n-proh-li-tair-ee-uh t]
noun (sometimes initial capital letter) (esp. in Marxist theory)
  1. the lowest level of the proletariat comprising unskilled workers, vagrants, and criminals and characterized by a lack of class identification and solidarity.
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Origin of lumpenproletariat

1920–25; < German (Marx, 1850), equivalent to Lumpen rag or Lumpen-, combining form of Lump ragamuffin + Proletariat proletariat
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British Dictionary definitions for lumpenproletariat


  1. (esp in Marxist theory) the amorphous urban social group below the proletariat, consisting of criminals, tramps, etc
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Word Origin for lumpenproletariat

German, literally: ragged proletariat
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Word Origin and History for lumpenproletariat


1897, from German Lumpenproletariat (1850), from Karl Marx, who coined it to mean "rabble, poorest of the working class," from German lump "ragamuffin" + proletariat. Secondary sense of "boorish, stupid people" led to lumpen- being taken as a suffix meaning "unenlightened."

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