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  1. any of various objects or spaces of crescentlike or semicircular outline or section.

  2. Architecture. (in the plane of a wall) an area enframed by an arch or vault.

  1. a painting, sculpture, or window filling such an area.

  2. Fortification. a work consisting of a salient angle with two flanks and an open gorge.

  3. Ordnance. a towing ring in the trail plate of a towed vehicle, as a gun carriage.

  4. Ecclesiastical. Luna (def. 3).

Origin of lunette

1570–80; <French, diminutive of lune moon <Latin lūna;see -ette Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

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/ (luːˈnɛt) /

  1. anything that is shaped like a crescent

  2. an oval or circular opening to admit light in a dome

  1. a semicircular panel containing a window, mural, or sculpture

  2. a ring attached to a vehicle, into which a hook is inserted so that it can be towed

  3. a type of fortification like a detached bastion

  4. Also called: lune RC Church a case fitted with a bracket to hold the consecrated host

Origin of lunette

C16: from French: crescent, from lune moon, from Latin lūna

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