[mag-nil-uh-kwuh nt]


speaking or expressed in a lofty or grandiose style; pompous; bombastic; boastful.

Origin of magniloquent

1650–60; back formation from Latin magniloquentia elevated language, equivalent to magniloqu(us) speaking grandly (magni- magni- + loqu(ī) to speak + -us adj. suffix) + -entia -ence
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grandiosity, grandiloquence, eloquence, bombast, boastful

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(of speech) lofty in style; grandiloquent
Derived Formsmagniloquence, nounmagniloquently, adverb

Word Origin for magniloquent

C17: from Latin magnus great + loquī to speak
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Word Origin and History for magniloquence

1620s, from Latin magniloquentia "elevated language, lofty style;" see magniloquent + -ence.



1650s, a back-formation from magniloquence, or else from Latin magniloquentia "lofty style of language," from magniloquus "pompous in talk, vaunting, boastful," from comb. form of magnus "great" (see magnate) + -loquus "speaking," from loqui "to speak" (see locution).

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