make friends

Form a friendship, foster cordial feelings, as in I hope Brian will soon make friends at school, or She's done a good job of making friends with influential reporters. [c. 1600]

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How to use make friends in a sentence

  • And I plain told her that Helena Montaigne was here, and 'twas her chanst to make friends with her.

    Dorothy at Skyrie | Evelyn Raymond
  • Chew-chew talked with Eagle-eye and at length they tried to make friends with the god.

    The Later Cave-Men | Katharine Elizabeth Dopp
  • She was glad to make friends with us once more, and to prove it showed the pleasanter side of her character.

    Jaffery | William J. Locke
  • But he will put himself in the right at once, and ask Lionel to make friends again; he will consent readily enough—he always does.

    The Talking Horse | F. Anstey
  • Cats and dogs about the place condescended to make friends with him, and they never quarrelled nor hurt each other.