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[mahr-key-zuh; Italian mahr-ke-zah]
noun, plural mar·che·se [mahr-key-zey; Italian mahr-ke-ze] /mɑrˈkeɪ zeɪ; Italian mɑrˈkɛ zɛ/.
  1. an Italian noblewoman, equivalent in rank to a marquise.
  2. the wife or widow of a marchese.
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Origin of marchesa

1790–1800; < Italian; feminine of marchese


[mahr-key-zey; Italian mahr-ke-ze]
noun, plural mar·che·si [mahr-key-zee Italian mahr-ke-zee] /mɑrˈkeɪ zi Italian mɑrˈkɛ zi/.
  1. an Italian nobleman, equivalent in rank to a marquis.
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Origin of marchese

From Italian, dating back to 1510–20; see origin at marquis
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British Dictionary definitions for marchese's


noun plural -se (-ze)
  1. (in Italy) the wife or widow of a marchese; marchioness
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noun plural -si (-zi)
  1. (in Italy) a nobleman ranking below a prince and above a count; marquis
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