Mariana Islands

[ mair-ee-ahn-uh-ahy-luhndz, mar-; Spanish mah-ree-ah-nah ]
/ ˈmɛər iˌɑn ə ˈaɪ ləndz, ˈmær-; Spanish ˌmɑ riˈɑ nɑ /
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noun (used with a plural verb)
a group of 15 small islands in the Pacific, E of the Philippines: divided into Guam, a possession of the U.S., and the North Marianas, formally under U.S. trusteeship. 453 sq. mi. (1,127 sq. km).
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Also called Mar·i·an·as . Formerly La·drone Is·lands [luh-drohn-ahy-luhndz], /ləˈdroʊn ˈaɪ ləndz/, La·drones [luh-drohnz; Spanish lah-thraw-nes] /ləˈdroʊnz; Spanish lɑˈðrɔ nɛs/ .
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Mariana Islands
/ (ˌmærɪˈɑːnə) /

pl n
a chain of volcanic and coral islands in the W Pacific, east of the Philippines and north of New Guinea: divided politically into Guam (a US unincorporated territory) and the islands north of Guam constituting the Northern Mariana Islands (a US commonwealth territory). Area: 1018 sq km (393 sq miles)Former name (1521–1668): Ladrone Islands
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