[ vuh-ley-oh, -hoh; for 1, 2 also Spanish bah-ye-haw ]
/ vəˈleɪ oʊ, -hoʊ; for 1, 2 also Spanish bɑˈyɛ hɔ /


Cé·sar [Spanish se-sahr] /Spanish ˈsɛ sɑr/,1895–1938, Peruvian poet.
Ma·ri·a·no Gua·da·lupe [mahr-ee-ah-noh gwahd-l-oop, -oo-pee, mar-; Spanish mah-ryah-naw gwah-th ah-loo-pe] /ˌmɑr iˈɑ noʊ ˌgwɑd lˈup, -ˈu pi, ˌmær-; Spanish mɑˈryɑ nɔ ˌgwɑ ðɑˈlu pɛ/,1808–90, military and political leader in California, serving the Mexican government until 1846; elected senator to the first state legislature 1849.
a city in W California, on San Pablo Bay, NE of San Francisco.


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British Dictionary definitions for mariano vallejo

/ (vəˈleɪəʊ, -ˈleɪhəʊ, Spanish baˈʎɛxo) /


César (Abraham) (ˈsesar). 1892–1938, Peruvian poet, living in France and Spain from 1923: noted for his experimental style in such works as Trilce (1922)
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