[ verb muh-trik-yuh-leyt; noun muh-trik-yuh-lit ]
/ verb m蓹藞tr瑟k y蓹藢le瑟t; noun m蓹藞tr瑟k y蓹 l瑟t /
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verb (used with object), ma路tric路u路lat路ed, ma路tric路u路lat路ing.
to enroll in a college or university as a candidate for a degree.
to register (a coat of arms), used especially in Scottish heraldry.
verb (used without object), ma路tric路u路lat路ed, ma路tric路u路lat路ing.
to be matriculated.
a person who has been matriculated.
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Origin of matriculate

1480鈥90 for earlier sense; <Medieval Latin m膩tr墨cul膩tus (person) listed (for some specific duty), equivalent to m膩tr墨cul(a) list (see matriculant) + -膩tus-ate1

OTHER WORDS FROM matriculate

ma路tric路u路la路tion, nounma路tric路u路la路tor, nounre路ma路tric路u路late, verb, re路ma路tric路u路lat路ed, re路ma路tric路u路lat路ing.un路ma路tric路u路lat路ed, adjective
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How to use matriculate in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for matriculate


verb (m蓹藞tr瑟kj蕣藢le瑟t)
to enrol or be enrolled in an institution, esp a college or university
(intr) to attain the academic standard required for a course at such an institution
noun (m蓹藞tr瑟kj蕣l瑟t)
Also called: matriculant a person who has matriculated

Derived forms of matriculate

matriculator, noun

Word Origin for matriculate

C16: from Medieval Latin m膩tr墨cul膩re to register, from m膩tr墨cula, diminutive of matrix list, matrix
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