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in French terms in English, "false, worthless," from French mauvais (fem. mauvaise) "bad," 12c., from Vulgar Latin malifatius, literally "one who has a bad lot," from Latin malum "bad" (see mal-) + fatum "fate" (see fate (n.)).

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Historical Examples

  • I have no idea of those people sending every mauvais sujet to Hell.'

    The Infernal Marriage

    Benjamin Disraeli

  • Badly dressed, but from poverty and economy more than from mauvais got.


    Maurice Baring

  • “I believe—between ourselves—he is just a mauvais sujet,” said he.

  • You've a treat in store for you—and a mauvais quat' d'heure!

  • Or rather, I do not tell you the worst—that mauvais Herbert!