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in reference to an acid obtained from opium, 1819, from Greek mekonikos "of or pertaining to the poppy," from mekon "poppy" (see meconium). Related: Meconine (n.).

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Historical Examples of meconic

  • Meconic acid, C7H4O7, which is found in opium in combination with the different bases, has also been investigated.

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 415, December 15, 1883


  • This separates the meconic acid as lead meconate, whilst the morphia is dissolved in the acetic acid set free.

  • Sulphide of lead is thus thrown down and may be separated by filtration, the meconic acid remaining in solution.

    Memoranda on Poisons

    Thomas Hawkes Tanner

  • We endeavor therefore to obtain evidence of the presence of morphia and meconic acid.

    Memoranda on Poisons

    Thomas Hawkes Tanner

  • Meconic acid gives a blood-red colour with perchloride of iron, not discharged by corrosive sublimate or chloride of gold.