medicine woman

  1. (among North American Indians and some other aboriginal peoples) a woman believed to possess magical or supernatural powers; a female shaman.

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How to use medicine woman in a sentence

  • Poa, greatly saddened by her unkindness, consulted an old medicine-woman, to see whether the scar might not be removed.

  • Ania is niece to the old medicine-woman in the stone wigwam at St. Valier; going to see her, eh?

    The Golden Dog | William Kirby
  • The medicine-woman eagerly watched these changes and repeated her previous query.

    The Delight Makers | Adolf Bandelier
  • He felt sure, however, that the strange old medicine woman would prove a valuable ally.

    Spotted Deer | Elmer Gregor
  • In a few suns more she will be a great medicine woman, foretelling things that shall come to the tribes.