[ mez-uh-kahr-dee-uh m, mes-, mee-zuh-, -suh- ]
/ ˌmɛz əˈkɑr di əm, ˌmɛs-, ˌmi zə-, -sə- /

noun, plural mes·o·car·di·a [mez-uh-kahr-dee-uh, mes-, mee-zuh-, -suh-] /ˌmɛz əˈkɑr di ə, ˌmɛs-, ˌmi zə-, -sə-/. Embryology.

the double layer of splanchnic mesoderm supporting the embryonic heart.

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Medicine definitions for mesocardia


[ mĕz′ə-kärdē-ə ]


An atypical central position of the heart in the chest, as in the embryo.


[ mĕz′ə-kärdē-əm ]

n. pl. mes•o•car•di•a (-dē-ə)

Either of the two layers of the embryonic mesentery supporting the embryonic heart in the pericardial cavity.

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