[ mahyt-l-ee ]
/ ˈmaɪt l i /
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in a mighty manner; powerfully or vigorously.
to a great extent or degree; very much: to desire something mightily.
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Origin of mightily

before 900; Middle English; Old English mihtiglīce.See mighty, -ly

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What does mightily mean?

Mightily means with might—great strength or power. To do something mightily is to do it in a strong or powerful way.

Mightily is the adverb form of the adjective mighty, which means extremely strong (as in a mighty warrior) or powerful (as in a mighty king).

Sometimes, mighty is used as a very informal way of saying very or extremely, and mightily can be used in a similar way to mean very or very much, as in I’m mightily impressed. This use of mightily can sound a bit old-fashioned or folksy.

Example: He ruled mightily, and his empire extended to the ends of the earth.

Where does mightily come from?

The first records of the word mightily come from before the 900s. It comes from the Old English mihtiglīce. The suffix -ly is used to form adverbs (the y in mighty is changed to an i in mightily, which is a spelling convention used in other adverbs whose base adjectives end in y, such as happily).

In modern speech, mightily is often intended to sound like the kind of descriptions found in older writing, such as in the Bible. This is often done to emphasize such strength, power, or greatness.

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How is mightily used in real life?

Mightily can sound somewhat formal or old-fashioned—it’s more common to use terms like powerfully in everyday conversation.


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A. very
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C. powerfully
D. weakly

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British Dictionary definitions for mightily

/ (ˈmaɪtɪlɪ) /

to a great extent, amount, or degree
with might; powerfully or vigorously
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