milites gloriosi

[mee-li-teyz glawr-ee-oh-see, glohr-]

plural noun, singular mi·les glo·ri·o·sus [mee-leyz glawr-ee-oh-suh s, glohr-] /ˈmi leɪz ˌglɔr iˈoʊ səs, ˌgloʊr-/. Latin.

(especially as stock characters in comic literature) bragging soldiers.

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British Dictionary definitions for miles gloriosus

miles gloriosus

noun plural milites gloriosi (ˈmiːlɪˌteɪs ˌɡlɔːrɪˈəʊsaɪ)

a braggart soldier, esp as a stock figure in comedy

Word Origin for miles gloriosus

from the title of a comedy by Plautus

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