of, noting, or pertaining to business, its organization, or its procedures.
containing, suitable for, or welcoming business or commerce: New York is a good business town.

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Origin of business

before 950; Middle English; Old English bisignes. See busy, -ness

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1. See occupation.

Pronunciation note

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British Dictionary definitions for mind one's own business



a trade or profession
an industrial, commercial, or professional operation; purchase and sale of goods and servicesthe tailoring business
a commercial or industrial establishment, such as a firm or factory
commercial activity; dealings (esp in the phrase do business)
volume or quantity of commercial activitybusiness is poor today
commercial policy or procedureovercharging is bad business
proper or rightful concern or responsibility (often in the phrase mind one's own business)
a special task; assignment
a matter or matters to be attended tothe business of the meeting
an affair; mattera queer business; I'm tired of the whole business
serious work or activityget down to business
a complicated affair; rigmarole
informal a vaguely defined collection or areajets, fast cars, and all that business
Also called: stage business theatre an incidental action, such as lighting a pipe, performed by an actor for dramatic effect
a group of ferrets
euphemistic defecation (esp in the phrase do one's business)
slang prostitution
like nobody's business informal extremely well or fast
mean business to be in earnest
do the business informal to achieve what is requiredit tastes vile, but it does the business

Word Origin for business

Old English bisignis solicitude, attentiveness, from bisig busy + -nis -ness

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Word Origin and History for mind one's own business


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Idioms and Phrases with mind one's own business

mind one's own business

Keep from meddling, pay attention to one's own affairs, as in If she would only mind her own business, there would be a lot fewer family quarrels. Already described as a wise course by the ancients (Seneca had it as Semper meum negotium ago, “I always mind my own business”), this precept has been repeated in English since about 1600.


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