[ mur-kee ]
/ ˈmɜr ki /

adjective, mirk·i·er, mirk·i·est.

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or mirk·y

[ mur-kee ]
/ ˈmɜr ki /

adjective, murk·i·er, murk·i·est.

dark, gloomy, and cheerless.
obscure or thick with mist, haze, etc., as the air.
vague; unclear; confused: a murky statement.

Origin of murky

First recorded in 1300–50, murky is from the Middle English word mirky. See murk, -y1


1 See dark.
2 cloudy, dusky, lowering, misty, hazy.


1, 2 bright, clear.

Related forms

murk·i·ly, adverbmurk·i·ness, noun
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Examples from the Web for mirky

  • Nought might he see her well-loved face; But he felt her lips in the mirky place.

    Poems by the Way|William Morris
  • He thought I was mad because I stood in pyjamas without apparent heed of the mirky drizzle.

    The Amazing Argentine|John Foster Fraser
  • It was a mirky night like this, with 'prentices gawpin' in the lanterns and Jack Ketch unsnarlin' his cursed ropes.

    Wappin' Wharf|Charles S. Brooks

British Dictionary definitions for mirky



/ (ˈmɜːkɪ) /

adjective murkier, murkiest, mirkier or mirkiest

gloomy or dark
cloudy or impenetrable as with smoke or fog

Derived Forms

murkily or mirkily, adverbmurkiness or mirkiness, noun
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