or mock·up

[ mok-uhp ]
/ ˈmɒkˌʌp /


a model, often full-size, for study, testing, or teaching: a mock-up of an experimental aircraft.

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Origin of mock-up

First recorded in 1915–20; noun use of verb phrase mock up

Origin of mock

1400–50; late Middle English mokken < Middle French mocquer

1. deride; taunt, flout, gibe; chaff, tease. See ridicule. 5. cheat, dupe, fool, mislead.

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British Dictionary definitions for mockup


/ (mɒk) /



adjective (prenominal)

sham or counterfeit
serving as an imitation or substitute, esp for practice purposesa mock battle; mock finals
See also mock-up

Derived Formsmockable, adjectivemocker, nounmocking, noun, adjectivemockingly, adverb

Word Origin for mock

C15: from Old French mocquer



a working full-scale model of a machine, apparatus, etc, for testing, research, etc
a layout of printed matter

verb mock up

(tr, adverb) to build or make a mock-up of
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