[ moh-muhs ]
/ ˈmoʊ məs /
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noun, plural Mo·mus·es, Mo·mi [moh-mahy] /ˈmoʊ maɪ/ for 2.
Also Mo·mos [moh-mos]. /ˈmoʊ mɒs/. Classical Mythology. the god of ridicule.
(sometimes lowercase) a faultfinder; a carping critic.
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Origin of Momus

<Latin Mōmus<Greek Mômos, special use of mômos blame, ridicule
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How to use Momus in a sentence

  • Near Ras Momi, to the east of the island, we discovered a curious form of ancient sepulture.

    Southern Arabia|Theodore Bent
  • We settled there for several days, not being able to go nearer Ras Momi for reasons connected with water.

    Southern Arabia|Theodore Bent
  • On the western coast there are said to be two, one in Vitongo and the other in Momi.

    The Fijians|Basil Thomson
  • There is a coral reef nearly all the way from Africa to beyond Ras Momi.

    Southern Arabia|Theodore Bent

British Dictionary definitions for Momus

/ (ˈməʊməs) /

noun plural -muses or -mi (-maɪ)
Greek myth the god of blame and mockery
a cavilling critic
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