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  1. a picture or decoration made of small, usually colored pieces of inlaid stone, glass, etc.
  2. the process of producing such a picture or decoration.
  3. something resembling such a picture or decoration in composition, especially in being made up of diverse elements: a mosaic of borrowed ideas.
  4. Also called aerial mosaic, photomosaic. Surveying. an assembly of aerial photographs matched in such a way as to show a continuous photographic representation of an area (mosaic map).
  5. Architecture. (in an architectural plan) a system of patterns for differentiating the areas of a building or the like, sometimes consisting of purely arbitrary patterns used to separate areas according to function but often consisting of plans of flooring, reflected ceiling plans, overhead views of furnishings and equipment, or other items really included in the building or building plan.
  6. Also called mosaic disease. Plant Pathology. any of several diseases of plants, characterized by mottled green or green and yellow areas on the leaves, caused by certain viruses.
  7. Biology. an organism exhibiting mosaicism.
  8. Television. a light-sensitive surface in a television camera tube, consisting of a thin mica sheet coated on one side with a large number of small globules of silver and cesium insulated from each other. The image to be televised is focused on this surface and the resulting charges on the globules are scanned by an electron beam.
  1. pertaining to, resembling, or used for making a mosaic or mosaic work: a mosaic tile.
  2. composed of a combination of diverse elements.
verb (used with object), mo·sa·icked, mo·sa·ick·ing.
  1. to make a mosaic of or from.
  2. to decorate with mosaic.

Origin of mosaic

1350–1400; Middle English < Middle French mosaïque < Italian mosaico < Medieval Latin musaicum, re-formation of Late Latin musīvum (opus), Latin musēum, musaeum mosaic work (quantity of u uncertain), of obscure origin; variants may show an assumed relationship with Greek mouseîon shrine of the Muses, museum, by analogy with archī(v)um (see archive), though classical Gk word is not attested in sense “mosaic”
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  1. of or relating to Moses or the laws and traditions ascribed to him


  1. a design or decoration made up of small pieces of coloured glass, stone, etc
  2. the process of making a mosaic
    1. a mottled yellowing that occurs in the leaves of plants affected with any of various virus diseases
    2. Also called: mosaic diseaseany of the diseases, such as tobacco mosaic, that produce this discoloration
  3. genetics another name for chimera (def. 4)
  4. an assembly of aerial photographs forming a composite picture of a large area on the ground
  5. a light-sensitive surface on a television camera tube, consisting of a large number of granules of photoemissive material deposited on an insulating medium
Derived Formsmosaicist (məˈzeɪɪsɪst), noun

Word Origin for mosaic

C16: via French and Italian from Medieval Latin mōsaicus, from Late Greek mouseion mosaic work, from Greek mouseios of the Muses, from mousa Muse
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Word Origin and History for mosaicked



c.1400, from Old French mosaicq "mosaic work," from Italian mosaico, from Medieval Latin musaicum "mosaic work, work of the Muses," noun use of neuter of musaicus "of the Muses," from Latin Musa (see muse). Medieval mosaics were often dedicated to the Muses. The word formed in Medieval Latin as though from Greek, but the (late) Greek word for "mosaic work" was mouseion (Klein says this sense was borrowed from Latin). Figurative use is from 1640s. As an adjective in English from 1580s. Related: Mosaicist.



"pertaining to Moses," 1660s (earlier Mosaical, 1560s), from Modern Latin Mosaicus, from Moses.

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mosaicked in Medicine


  1. Patterned in small squares; tesselated.
  1. An organism exhibiting mosaicism.
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mosaicked in Science


  1. Any of various viral diseases of plants, resulting in light and dark areas in the leaves, which often become shriveled and dwarfed.
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mosaicked in Culture


A picture or design made from small pieces of colored tile, glass, or other material set in mortar. Mosaics have been widely used in Christian churches to decorate walls and ceilings.

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