marine dinosaur, 1830, from Latin Mosa "the river Meuse" + -saurus. the fossils of the ancient reptile were first discovered 1780 near Maastricht, on the Meuse.

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Historical Examples of mosasaurus

  • Mosasaurus princeps is computed to have been seventy-five to eighty feet long.

    Extinct Monsters

    H. N. Hutchinson

  • One great marine form, however, the Mosasaurus, was added to their number.


    Philip Henry Gosse

  • The teeth are quite reptilian, being not unlike miniature teeth of Mosasaurus.

    Dragons of the Air

    H. G. Seeley

  • In size, the vertebr of this enormous sea-serpent exceed those of Mosasaurus brumbyi.

    Extinct Monsters

    H. N. Hutchinson

  • This suborder includes Mosasaurus and its allies, a group of enormous extinct marine reptiles found in beds of Cretaceous age.

    The Vertebrate Skeleton

    Sidney H. Reynolds